California Probate Code

Sec. § 9784


A person described in Section 9782 who objects to the disposition or abandonment of property by the personal representative under Section 9780 may apply to the court in which proceedings for administration of the estate are pending for an order restraining the personal representative from disposing of or abandoning the property without prior court authorization.


The court shall grant the requested order without requiring notice to the personal representative and without cause being shown for the order if the court is satisfied that the estate will not suffer any loss or unreasonable expense if the order is granted. As a condition of granting the order, the court may require the person applying for the order (1) to pay the costs of storing and protecting the property or (2) to provide security by bond or cash deposit that the costs will be paid.


The personal representative is deemed to have notice of the restraining order if it is served upon the personal representative in the manner provided in Section 415.10 or 415.30 of the Code of Civil Procedure, or in the manner authorized by the court, before the date specified in the notice as the date on or after which the property will be disposed of or abandoned.

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