California Probate Code

Sec. § 9650


Except as provided by statute and subject to subdivision (c):


The personal representative has the right to, and shall take possession or control of, all the property of the decedent to be administered in the decedent’s estate and shall collect all debts due to the decedent or the estate. The personal representative is not accountable for any debts that remain uncollected without his or her fault.


The personal representative is entitled to receive the rents, issues, and profits from the real and personal property in the estate until the estate is distributed.


The personal representative shall pay taxes on, and take all steps reasonably necessary for the management, protection, and preservation of, the estate in his or her possession.


Real property or tangible personal property may be left with or surrendered to the person presumptively entitled to it unless or until, in the judgment of the personal representative, possession of the property by the personal representative will be necessary for purposes of administration. The person holding the property shall surrender it to the personal representative on request by the personal representative.

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