CA Prob Code Section 6527


The court may by order modify the term or conditions of the probate homestead right or terminate the probate homestead right at any time prior to entry of an order for final distribution of the decedent’s estate if in the court’s discretion to do so appears appropriate under the circumstances of the case.


A petition for an order under this section may be filed by any of the following:


The person for whose use the probate homestead is set apart.


The testate or intestate successors of the decedent or other successors to the property set apart as a probate homestead.


Persons having claims secured by liens or encumbrances on the property set apart as a probate homestead.


Notice of the hearing on the petition shall be given to all the persons listed in subdivision (b) as provided in Section 1220.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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