California Probate Code

Sec. § 2891


The statement filed pursuant to Section 2890 shall be an affidavit by a person having authority to make the statement on behalf of the institution, as defined in Section 2890, and shall include that fact in the statement.


If the affidavit and any accompanying information to be filed pursuant to this section also contains the ward or conservatee’s social security number or any other personal information, including financial information regarding the ward or conservatee which would not be disclosed in an accounting, an inventory and appraisal, or any other nonconfidential pleading filed in the action, the information shall be kept confidential and subject to disclosure to any person only upon order of the court.


This chapter does not apply to any trust arrangement described in subdivision (b) of Section 82 except paragraph (4) of that subdivision relating to assets held in Totten trust.


No fee shall be charged by the court for the filing of the affidavit or related information as required by this section.


The affidavit required by Section 2890 is not required to be filed in a proceeding more than once for each asset. However, all assets held by institutions may be listed in a single affidavit filed with the court.


When a guardian or conservator takes possession or control of an asset in an institution, as defined in Section 2890, the institution may then file with the court the statement required by Section 2890 as to any or all other assets of the ward or conservatee held in the institution.

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