CA Prob Code Section 1895


The conservatee, the spouse, the domestic partner, any relative, or any friend of the conservatee, the conservator, or any other interested person may appear at the hearing to support or oppose the petition.


Except where the conservatee is absent from the hearing and is not required to attend the hearing under the provisions of Section 1893 and any showing required by Section 1893 has been made, the court shall, prior to granting the petition, inform the conservatee of all of the following:


The nature and purpose of the proceeding.


The nature and effect on the conservatee’s basic rights of the order requested.


The conservatee has the right to oppose the petition, to be represented by legal counsel if the conservatee so chooses, and to have legal counsel appointed by the court if unable to retain legal counsel.


After the court informs the conservatee of the matters listed in subdivision (b) and prior to granting the petition, the court shall consult the conservatee to determine the conservatee’s opinion concerning the order requested in the petition.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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