CA Prob Code Section 1211

If a notice is required by this code and no other type of notice is prescribed by law, by the Judicial Council, or by the court or judge, the notice shall be in substantially the following form: SUPERIOR COURTOF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIAFOR THE (CITY AND) COUNTY OF _______ Estate of __________________ No. _______ NOTICE OF HEARING (If to be published, describe purport or character of the notice to be given.) Notice is hereby given that (name of petitioner and representative capacity, if any) has filed herein a (nature of petition, application, report, or account), reference to which is made for further particulars, and that the time and place of hearing the same has been set for ______ (date) _____, at ______.m., in the courtroom (of Department No. _____, if any) of said court, at (the courthouse, or state other location of the court), in the City of ______, California. Dated , Clerk By , Deputy Clerk
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Aug. 19, 2023

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