Section 7552


It is recommended that every city or county correctional, custodial, and law enforcement agency to which this title applies have a comprehensive AIDS and HIV prevention and education program in operation by March 31, 1989. Recommended goals for the programs include all of the following:


Education. Implementation of an educational plan which includes education and training for officers, support staff, and inmates on the prevention and transmission of HIV, with regular updates, at least every three months, with all persons held in custody for at least 12 hours in a correctional institution being provided at least with a pamphlet approved by the county health officer, and more detailed education for persons kept beyond three days.


Body fluid precautions. Because all bodily fluids are considered as potentially infectious, supplying all employees of correctional institutions with the necessary equipment and supplies to follow accepted universal bodily fluids precautions, including gloves and devices to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation, when dealing with infected persons or those in high-risk groups for HIV or hepatitis B or C.


Separate housing for infected individuals. Making available adequate separate housing facilities for housing inmates who have tested positive for HIV infection and who continue to engage in activities which transmit HIV, with facilities comparable to those of other inmates with access to recreational and educational facilities, commensurate with the facilities available in the correctional institution.


Adequate AIDS medical services. The provision of medical services appropriate for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection.


These guidelines are advisory only and do not constitute a state mandate.


The program shall require confidentiality of information in accordance with this title and other provisions of law.


The Corrections Standards Authority and the State Department of Health Services shall assist in developing the programs.


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