CA Penal Code Section 3460


Whenever a supervising agency determines that a person subject to postrelease supervision pursuant to this chapter no longer permanently resides within its jurisdiction, and a change in residence was either approved by the supervising agency or did not violate the terms and conditions of postrelease supervision, the supervising agency shall transmit, within two weeks, any information the agency received from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation prior to the release of the person in that jurisdiction to the designated supervising agency in the county in which the person permanently resides.


Upon verification of permanent residency, the receiving supervising agency shall accept jurisdiction and supervision of the person on postrelease supervision.


For purposes of this section, residence means the place where the person customarily lives exclusive of employment, school, or other special or temporary purpose. A person may have only one residence.


No supervising agency shall be required to transfer jurisdiction to another county unless the person demonstrates an ability to establish permanent residency within another county without violating the terms and conditions of postrelease supervision.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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