CA Penal Code Section 3043.5


This section shall be known as the “Condit-Nolan Public Participation in Parole Act of 1984.”


Any person interested in the grant or denial of parole to any prisoner in a state prison shall have the right to submit a statement of views in support of or in opposition to the granting of parole. The board, in deciding whether to release the person on parole, shall review all information received from the public to insure that the gravity and timing of all current or past convicted offenses have been given adequate consideration and to insure that the safety of the public has been adequately considered. Upon completion of its review, the board shall include in its report a statement that it has reviewed all information received from the public and its conclusion as to whether the person would pose a threat to the public safety if released on parole.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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