Section 23690


(1)The Department of Justice may require each dealer to charge each firearm purchaser or transferee a fee not to exceed one dollar ($1) for each firearm transaction, except that the Department of Justice may increase the fee at a rate not to exceed any increase in the California Consumer Price Index, as compiled and reported by the Department of Industrial Relations, and not to exceed the reasonable cost of regulation to the Department of Justice.


The fee shall be for the purpose of supporting department program costs related to this act, including the establishment, maintenance, and upgrading of related database systems and public rosters.


(1)There is hereby created within the General Fund the Firearm Safety Account.


Revenue from the fee imposed by subdivision (a) shall be deposited into the Firearm Safety Account and shall be available for expenditure by the Department of Justice upon appropriation by the Legislature.


Expenditures from the Firearm Safety Account shall be limited to program expenditures as defined by subdivision (a).


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