CA Penal Code Section 1463.28


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for each option county, as defined by Section 77004 of the Government Code, which has adopted the resolution specified in subdivision (b), that portion of fines and forfeitures, whether collected by the courts or by other processing agencies, which are attributable to an increase in the bail amounts adopted subsequent to the resolution pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 1269b which would otherwise be divided between the county and cities within the county shall be deposited into the county general fund up to the annual limit listed in subdivision (b) for that county. Fine and forfeiture increments which exceed the specified annual limit shall be divided between the county and the cities within the county as otherwise provided by law. The scheduled bail amounts in such a county may exceed the bail amounts established by the Judicial Council pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 1269b.


The counties which may adopt a resolution directing that future increments in fines and forfeitures as specified in subdivision (a) be deposited in the county general fund and the annual limit applicable to those counties is as follows: County Annual Limit Alpine $300,000 Amador 200,000 Butte 900,000 Calaveras 300,000 Contra Costa 100,000 Del Norte 200,000 Fresno 700,000 Humboldt 200,000 Kings 300,000 Lake 400,000 Lassen 200,000 Los Angeles 15,000,000 Madera 600,000 Mariposa 200,000 Mendocino 600,000 Modoc 200,000 Mono 200,000 Plumas 200,000 San Benito 300,000 San Diego 5,200,000 San Joaquin 1,000,000 Santa Clara 3,200,000 Sierra 300,000 Stanislaus 1,900,000 Sutter 800,000 Trinity 200,000 Tulare 2,000,000 Tuolumne 400,000 Yolo 700,000 Yuba 900,000


Except as provided in Sections 40200.3 and 40200.4 of the Vehicle Code, this section does not apply to the collection of parking penalties.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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