CA Penal Code Section 1463.27


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, in addition to any other fine or penalty assessment, the board of supervisors of a county may, by resolution, authorize a fee of not more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250) upon every fine, penalty, or forfeiture imposed and collected by the courts for a crime of domestic violence specified in paragraph (1) of subdivision (e) of Section 243 and in Section 273.5. Notwithstanding Section 1463 or 1464, money collected pursuant to this section shall be used to fund domestic violence prevention programs that focus on assisting immigrants, refugees, or persons who live in a rural community. Counties with existing domestic violence prevention programs that assist those persons may direct funds to those programs.


The court shall determine if the defendant has the ability to pay the fee imposed under this section. In making that determination, the court shall take into account the total amount of fines and restitution that the defendant is subject to, and may waive payment of this additional fee.


The court shall deposit the moneys collected pursuant to this section in a fund designated by the board of supervisors, to be used as specified in subdivision (a).
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Aug. 19, 2023

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