California Penal Code

Sec. § 1229

As used in this chapter, the following definitions apply:


“Community corrections” means the placement of persons convicted of a felony offense under probation supervision, mandatory supervision, or postrelease community supervision for a specified period.


“Chief probation officer” or “CPO” means the chief probation officer for the county or city and county in which an adult offender is subject to probation for the conviction of a felony offense.


“Community corrections program” means a program established pursuant to this act consisting of a system of services for felony offenders under local supervision dedicated to all of the following goals:


Enhancing public safety through the management and reduction of offender risk while under local supervision and upon reentry from jail or prison into the community.


Providing a range of supervision tools, sanctions, and services applied to felony offenders subject to local supervision based on a risk and needs assessment for the purpose of reducing criminal conduct and promoting behavioral change that results in reducing recidivism and promoting the successful reintegration of offenders into the community.


Maximizing offender restitution, reconciliation, and restorative services to victims of crime.


Holding offenders accountable for their criminal behaviors and for successful compliance with applicable court orders and conditions of supervision.


Improving public safety outcomes for persons subject to local supervision for a felony offense, as measured by their successful completion of the period of local supervision and the commensurate reduction in the rate of offenders sent to prison as a result of a revocation of supervision or conviction of a new crime.


“Evidence-based practices” refers to supervision policies, procedures, programs, and practices demonstrated by scientific research to reduce recidivism among individuals under local supervision.


“Local supervision” means the supervision of an adult felony offender on probation, mandatory supervision, or postrelease community supervision.

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