CA Penal Code Section 11163.2


In any court proceeding or administrative hearing, neither the physician-patient privilege nor the psychotherapist privilege applies to the information required to be reported pursuant to this article.


The reports required by this article shall be kept confidential by the health facility, clinic, or physician’s office that submitted the report, and by local law enforcement agencies, and shall only be disclosed by local law enforcement agencies to those involved in the investigation of the report or the enforcement of a criminal law implicated by a report. In no case shall the person suspected or accused of inflicting the wound, other injury, or assaultive or abusive conduct upon the injured person or his or her attorney be allowed access to the injured person’s whereabouts.


For the purposes of this article, reports of suspected child abuse and information contained therein may be disclosed only to persons or agencies with whom investigations of child abuse are coordinated under the regulations promulgated under Section 11174.


The Board of Prison Terms may subpoena reports that are not unfounded and reports that concern only the current incidents upon which parole revocation proceedings are pending against a parolee.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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