CA Penal Code Section 11161

Notwithstanding Section 11160, the following shall apply to every physician or surgeon who has under his or her charge or care any person described in subdivision (a) of Section 11160:


The physician or surgeon shall make a report in accordance with subdivision (b) of Section 11160 to a local law enforcement agency.


It is recommended that any medical records of a person about whom the physician or surgeon is required to report pursuant to subdivision (a) include the following:


Any comments by the injured person regarding past domestic violence, as defined in Section 13700, or regarding the name of any person suspected of inflicting the wound, other physical injury, or assaultive or abusive conduct upon the person.


A map of the injured person’s body showing and identifying injuries and bruises at the time of the health care.


A copy of the law enforcement reporting form.


It is recommended that the physician or surgeon refer the person to local domestic violence services if the person is suffering or suspected of suffering from domestic violence, as defined in Section 13700.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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