CA Penal Code Section 11108.10


In addition to the requirements of Sections 11108 and 11108.3, commencing January 1, 2009, every local law enforcement agency may cause to be entered into the United States Department of Justice, National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) information to ensure that representative samples of fired bullets and cartridge cases collected at crime scenes, from test-fires of firearms recovered at crime scenes, and other firearm information needed to investigate crimes, are recorded into the NIBIN in accordance with the protocol set forth in subdivision (b).


The Attorney General, in cooperation with those law enforcement agencies that choose to do so, shall develop a protocol for the implementation of this section. The protocol shall be completed on or before July 1, 2008.


The Attorney General shall have the authority to issue guidelines to further the purposes of this section.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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