CA Mil & Vet Code Section 520

Any executive officer, assistant executive officer, regional advisor, or officer, warrant officer, or noncommissioned officer appointed or detailed pursuant to Sections 502, 502.1, 512, 513, 515, or 516.1, who is wounded, injured, disabled, or killed in the performance of ordered duty shall be entitled to receive compensation from the state in accordance with the provisions of Division 4 (commencing with Section 3200) of the Labor Code. In all such cases, these individuals shall be deemed to be employees of the state. The compensation for any such individual shall be ascertained, determined, and fixed upon the basis of his or her average income from all sources during the year immediately preceding the date of such injury or death, or the commencement of such disability, but such compensation shall in no case exceed the maximum prescribed in Division 4 (commencing with Section 3200) of the Labor Code.
In determining the benefits awarded to an individual under the provisions of this section, it shall be conclusively presumed that the average yearly earning of such injured or deceased individual is not less than ten thousand dollars ($10,000). Any injury, death, or disability shall be deemed to have been suffered in line of duty unless the injury, death, or disability resulted from misconduct or disobedience of lawful orders by the injured or deceased individual.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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