CA Lab Code Section 98.75

The Labor Commissioner shall submit a report to the Legislature by February 15, 1987, and annually thereafter by February 15, providing the following information with respect to discrimination complaints for the previous calendar year:


The number of complaints filed pursuant to Section 98.7 or 1197.5, grouped according to the section of the Labor Code allegedly violated.


The number of determinations issued, the number of investigative hearings held, the number of complaints dismissed, and the number of complaints found to be valid, grouped by the year in which the complaints were filed.


The number of cases in which the respondent complied with the Labor Commissioner’s order to remedy unlawful discrimination, the number of these orders with which respondents failed to comply, the number of court actions brought by the Labor Commissioner to remedy unlawful discrimination, and the results of those court actions. If the Labor Commissioner did not bring an action in court within 10 days against a respondent who failed to comply with his or her order, the report shall specify the reasons for not bringing action in court.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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