California Labor Code
Sec. § 7901

As used in this part:


“Amusement ride” means a mechanical device which carries or conveys passengers along, around, or over a fixed or restricted route or course for the purpose of giving its passengers amusement, pleasure, thrills, or excitement. “Amusement ride” includes the business of operating bungee jumping services or providing services to facilitate bungee jumping, but does not include slides, playground equipment, coin-operated devices or conveyances which operate directly on the ground or on the surface or pavement directly on the ground or the operation of amusement devices of a permanent nature. The division shall determine the specific devices which are amusement rides for the purposes of this part. This determination shall be made to apply equally to all operators of similar or identical rides and shall be made pursuant to a procedure promulgated by the standards board.


“Operator” or “owner” means a person who owns or controls or has the duty to control the operation of an amusement ride. It includes the state and every state agency, and each county, city, district, and all public and quasi-public corporations and public agencies therein.


“Permit” means a document issued by the division which indicates that an inspection of the ride has been performed pursuant to rules and regulations adopted by the division.
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