CA Lab Code Section 7375


The division shall adopt regulations for the certification of all cranes and derricks used in lifting service, exceeding three tons rated capacity. Tower cranes shall be certified annually and whenever they are erected on a new site.


These regulations shall specify the procedure for licensing the certificating agencies or agents to conduct certification inspections, and shall establish specific criteria for licensure as a certifier, including a written examination.


No individual may certify a crane in which the individual or his or her employer has a direct or indirect financial interest, nor may an individual certify equipment that belongs to his or her employer. An individual may not certify equipment or devices that he or she has manufactured or helped to manufacture, if the equipment is owned by his or her employer. However, this subdivision shall not prohibit any of the following:


The licensure of certifiers who are employed by insurance carriers that insure the specific crane.


Except with respect to certification of tower cranes, the licensure of certifiers who are employed by an electrical, gas, or telephone corporation, as defined in Sections 218, 222, and 234, respectively, of the Public Utilities Code, or a municipal utility serving a city having a population of 3,000,000 or more, that is issued a certificate of self-insurance pursuant to Article 3 (commencing with Section 16050) of Chapter 1 of Division 7 of the Vehicle Code and that is a self-insured employer under Article 1 (commencing with Section 3700) of Chapter 4 of Division 4 of this code.


The certificating agency shall attest that it tested or examined the device or equipment and found it to meet the requirements of the division.


The certificating agency shall notify the division of any deficiencies found during the crane certification inspection. A certificate shall not be issued until all deficiencies are corrected.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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