CA Lab Code Section 6315.3

The bureau shall, not later than February 15, annually submit to the division for submission to the director a report on the activities of the bureau, including, but not limited to, the following:


Totals of each type of report provided the bureau under each category in subdivision (b) of Section 6315.


Totals of each type of case reflecting the number of investigations and court cases in progress at the start of the calendar year being reported, investigations completed in the calendar year, cases referred to appropriate prosecuting authorities in the calendar year, and investigations and court cases in progress at the end of the calendar year. The types of cases shall include the following:


Those that the bureau is required to investigate, divided into fatalities, serious injuries to five or more employees, and requests for prosecution from a division representative.


Those that were initiated by the bureau following the review required in subdivision (a) of Section 6315, divided into serious injuries to fewer than five employees and serious exposures.


A summary of the dispositions in the calendar year of cases referred by the bureau to appropriate prosecuting authorities. The summary shall be divided into the types of cases, as described in subdivision (b), and shall show at least the violation, the statute for which the case was referred for prosecution, and the dates of referral to the bureau for investigation, referral from the bureau for prosecution, and the final court action if the case was prosecuted.


A summary of investigations completed in the calendar year that did not result in a referral for prosecution, divided into the types of cases as described in subdivision (b), showing the violation and the reasons for nonreferral.


A summary of the use of the bureau’s resources in accomplishing the bureau’s mission.
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