California Labor Code

Sec. § 60.9

There is within the Division of Occupational Safety and Health an occupational health unit and an occupational safety unit, which shall assist in the performance of occupational health functions and occupational safety functions, respectively, assigned to the division by law. There is also within the occupational health unit an occupational carcinogen control unit responsible for implementing the division’s obligations pursuant to the Occupational Carcinogens Control Act of 1976 (Part 10 (commencing with Sec. 9000)). The division, in performing its responsibilities under this code, shall provide for laboratory services and service personnel with respect to occupational health matters by interagency agreement with the State Department of Health Services or another public entity, by contract with a private sector laboratory, or by establishment of a laboratory within the division, or by a combination thereof. In the event that the division contracts with the private sector for laboratory services, the division shall enter into an interagency agreement with the State Department of Health Services for quality control and performance evaluation of the contract laboratory as well as analysis of nonroutine laboratory samples.

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