CA Lab Code Section 5309

The appeals board may, in accordance with rules of practice and procedure which it shall adopt and upon the agreement of the parties, on the application of either, or of its own motion, and with or without notice, direct and order a workers’ compensation judge:


To try the issues in any proceeding before it, whether of fact or of law, and make and file a finding, order, decision, or award based thereon.


To hold hearings and ascertain facts necessary to enable the appeals board to determine any proceeding or to make any order, decision, or award that the appeals board is authorized to make under Divisions 4 or 5, or necessary for the information of the appeals board.


To issue writs or summons, warrants of attachment, warrants of commitment, and all necessary process in proceedings for direct and hybrid contempt in a like manner and to the same extent as courts of record. For the purposes of this section, “hybrid contempt” means a charge of contempt which arises from events occurring in the immediate presence of the workers’ compensation judge for reasons which occur outside the presence of the workers’ compensation judge.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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