CA Lab Code Section 5300

All the following proceedings shall be instituted before the appeals board and not elsewhere, except as otherwise provided in Division 4:


For the recovery of compensation, or concerning any right or liability arising out of or incidental thereto.


For the enforcement against the employer or an insurer of any liability for compensation imposed upon the employer by this division in favor of the injured employee, his or her dependents, or any third person.


For the determination of any question as to the distribution of compensation among dependents or other persons.


For the determination of any question as to who are dependents of any deceased employee, or what persons are entitled to any benefit under the compensation provisions of this division.


For obtaining any order which by Division 4 the appeals board is authorized to make.


For the determination of any other matter, jurisdiction over which is vested by Division 4 in the Division of Workers’ Compensation, including the administrative director and the appeals board.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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