CA Lab Code Section 3727

If the director determines pursuant to Section 3722 that an employer has failed to secure the payment of compensation as required by this division, the director may file with the county recorder of any counties in which such employer’s property may be located his certificate of the amount of penalty due from such employer and such amount shall be a lien in favor of the director from the date of such filing against the real property and personal property of the employer within the county in which such certificate is filed. The recorder shall accept and file such certificate and record the same as a mortgage on real estate and shall file the same as a security interest and he shall index the same as mortgage on real estate and as a security interest. Certificates of liens may be filed in any and all counties of the state, depending upon the information the director obtains concerning the employer’s assets. The recorder shall make no charge for the services provided by this section to be performed by him. Upon payment of the penalty assessment, the director shall issue a certificate of cancellation of penalty assessment, which may be recorded by the employer at his expense.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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