CA Lab Code Section 3716.2

Notwithstanding the precise elements of an award of compensation benefits, and notwithstanding the claim and demand for payment being made therefor to the director, the director, as administrator of the Uninsured Employers Fund, shall pay the claimant only such benefits allowed, recognizing proper liens thereon, that would have accrued against an employer properly insured for workers’ compensation liability. The Uninsured Employers Fund shall not be liable for any penalties or for the payment of interest on any awards. However, in civil suits by the director to enforce payment of an award, including procedures pursuant to Section 3717, the total amount of the award, including interest, other penalties, and attorney’s fees granted by the award, shall be sought. Recovery by the director, in a civil suit or by other means, of awarded benefits in excess of amounts paid to the claimant by the Uninsured Employers Fund shall be paid over to the injured employee or his representative, as the case may be.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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