CA Lab Code Section 3712


The securing of the payment of compensation in a way provided in this division is essential to the functioning of the expressly declared social public policy of this state in the matter of workers’ compensation. The conduct or operation of any business or undertaking without full compensation security, in continuing violation of social policy, shall be subject to imposition of business strictures and monetary penalties by the director, including, but not limited to, resort to the superior court of any county in which all or some part of the business is being thus unlawfully conducted or operated, for carrying out the intent of this article.


In a proceeding before the superior court in matters concerned with this article, no filing fee shall be charged to the plaintiff; nor may any charge or cost be imposed for any act or service required of or done by any state or county officer or employee in connection with the proceeding. If the court or the judge before whom the order to show cause in the proceeding is made returnable, finds that the defendant is conducting or operating a business or undertaking without the full compensation security required, the court or judge shall forthwith, and without continuance, issue an order restraining the future or further conduct and operation of the business or undertaking so long as the violation of social public policy continues. The action shall be prosecuted by the Attorney General of California, the district attorney of the county in which suit is brought, the city attorney of any city in which such a business or undertaking is being operated or conducted without full compensation security, or any attorney possessing civil service status who is an employee of the Department of Industrial Relations who may be designated by the director for that purpose. No finding made in the course of any such action is binding on the appeals board in any subsequent proceeding before it for benefits under this division.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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