CA Lab Code Section 2678


A penalty, as provided in subdivision (c), may be imposed against any person for any of the following:


Failure to comply within 15 days of any judgment due for violation of any labor laws applicable to garment industry workers.


Failure to comply with the registration requirements of this part.


Failure to comply with Section 2673 or any section enumerated in Section 2675.


The order imposing the penalty may be served personally or by registered mail in accordance with subdivision (c) of Section 11505 of the Government Code. The order shall be in writing and shall describe the nature of the violation, including reference to the statutory provisions, rules, or regulations alleged to have been violated.


The penalties shall be a civil penalty of one hundred dollars ($100) for each affected employee for the initial violation and a civil penalty of two hundred dollars ($200) for each affected employee for the second or subsequent violation.


If a person is subject to civil penalties for a violation described in subdivision (a), but does not employ one or more workers, the civil penalty shall be five hundred dollars ($500), and the person shall not be guilty of a misdemeanor as specified in Section 2676.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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