CA Lab Code Section 2675.5


The commissioner shall deposit seventy-five dollars ($75) of each registrant’s annual registration fee, required pursuant to paragraph (5) of subdivision (a) of Section 2675, into one separate account. Funds from the separate account shall be disbursed by the commissioner only to persons determined by the commissioner to have been damaged by the failure to pay wages and benefits by any garment manufacturer, jobber, contractor, or subcontractor after exhausting a bond, if any, to ensure the payment of wages and benefits. Any disbursed funds subsequently recovered by the commissioner shall be returned to the separate account.


The remainder of each registrant’s annual registration fee not deposited into the special account pursuant to subdivision (a) shall be deposited in a subaccount and applied to costs incurred by the commissioner in administering the provisions of Section 2673.1, Section 2675, and this section, upon appropriation by the Legislature.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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