CA Lab Code Section 1700.2


As used in this chapter, “fee” means any of the following:


Any money or other valuable consideration paid or promised to be paid for services rendered or to be rendered by any person conducting the business of a talent agency under this chapter.


Any money received by any person in excess of that which has been paid out by him or her for transportation, transfer of baggage, or board and lodging for any applicant for employment.


The difference between the amount of money received by any person who furnished employees, performers, or entertainers for circus, vaudeville, theatrical, or other entertainments, exhibitions, or performances, and the amount paid by him or her to the employee, performer, or entertainer.


As used in this chapter, “registration fee” means any charge made, or attempted to be made, to an artist for any of the following purposes:


Registering or listing an applicant for employment in the entertainment industry.


Letter writing.


Photographs, film strips, video tapes, or other reproductions of the applicant.


Costumes for the applicant.


Any activity of a like nature.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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