CA Lab Code Section 1682

As used in this chapter:


“Person” includes any individual, firm, partnership, association, limited liability company, or corporation.


“Farm labor contractor” designates any person who, for a fee, employs workers to render personal services in connection with the production of any farm products to, for, or under the direction of a third person, or who recruits, solicits, supplies, or hires workers on behalf of an employer engaged in the growing or producing of farm products, and who, for a fee, provides in connection therewith one or more of the following services: furnishes board, lodging, or transportation for those workers; supervises, times, checks, counts, weighs, or otherwise directs or measures their work; or disburses wage payments to these persons.


“License” means a license issued by the Labor Commissioner to carry on the business, activities, or operations of a farm labor contractor under this chapter.


“Licensee” means a farm labor contractor who holds a valid and unrevoked license under this chapter.


“Fee” shall mean (1) the difference between the amount received by a labor contractor and the amount paid out by him or her to persons employed to render personal services to, for or under the direction of a third person; (2) any valuable consideration received or to be received by a farm labor contractor for or in connection with any of the services described above, and shall include the difference between any amount received or to be received by him or her, and the amount paid out by him or her, for or in connection with the rendering of such services.
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