California Labor Code

Sec. § 147.1

In connection with the development and promulgation of occupational health standards the Division of Occupational Safety and Health shall perform all of the following functions:


Analyze proposed and new federal occupational health standards, evaluate their impact on California, determine any necessity for their modification, and present proposed standards to the board in sufficient time for the board to conduct hearings and adopt standards within the time required.


Maintain liaison with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the development of recommended federal standards and when appropriate provide representation on federal advisory committees dealing with the development of occupational health standards.


On occupational health issues not covered by federal standards maintain surveillance, determine the necessity for standards, develop and present proposed standards to the board.


Evaluate any proposed occupational health standard or application for a variance of an occupational health standard received by the board, and submit a report to the board on the proposed standard or variance within 60 days of receipt thereof.


Appear and testify at board hearings and other public proceedings involving occupational health matters.

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