CA Lab Code Section 139.6


The administrative director shall establish and effect within the Division of Workers’ Compensation a continuing program to provide information and assistance concerning the rights, benefits, and obligations of the workers’ compensation law to employees and employers subject thereto. The program shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


The preparation, publishing, and as necessary, updating, of guides to the California workers’ compensation system for employees and employers. The guides shall detail, in easily understandable language, the rights and obligations of employees and employers, the procedures for obtaining benefits, and the means provided for resolving disputes. Separate guides may be prepared for employees and employers. The appropriate guide shall be provided to all labor and employer organizations known to the administrative director, and to any other person upon request.


The preparation, publishing, and as necessary, updating, of a pamphlet advising injured workers of their basic rights under workers’ compensation law, and informing them of rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the provisions of the Fair Employment and Housing Act relating to individuals with a disability. The pamphlet shall be written in easily understandable language. The pamphlet shall be available in both English and Spanish, and shall include basic information concerning the circumstances under which injured employees are entitled to the various types of workers’ compensation benefits, the protections against discrimination because of an injury, the procedures for resolving any disputes which arise, and the right to seek information and advice from an information and assistance officer or an attorney.


In each district office of the division, the administrative director shall appoint an information and assistance officer, and any other deputy information and assistance officers as the work of the district office may require. The administrative director shall provide office facilities and clerical support appropriate to the functions of these information and assistance officers.


Each information and assistance officer shall be responsible for the performance of the following duties:


Providing continuing information concerning rights, benefits, and obligations under workers’ compensation laws to injured workers, employers, lien claimants, and other interested parties.


Upon request by the injured worker, assisting in the prompt resolution of misunderstanding, disputes, and controversies arising out of claims for compensation, without formal proceedings, in order that full and timely compensation benefits shall be furnished. In performing this duty, information and assistance officers shall not be responsible for reviewing applications for adjudication or declarations of readiness to proceed. This function shall be performed by workers’ compensation judges. This function may also be performed by settlement conference referees upon delegation by the appeals board.


Distributing any information pamphlets in English and Spanish as are prepared and approved by the administrative director to all inquiring injured workers and any other parties that may request copies of these pamphlets.


Establishing and maintaining liaison with the persons located in the geographic area served by the district office, with other affected state agencies, and with organizations representing employees, employers, insurers, and the medical community.
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