CA Lab Code Section 1293

No minor under the age of sixteen years shall be employed, or permitted, to work in any capacity in operating or assisting in operating any of the following machines:


Circular or band saws; wood shapers; wood-jointers; planers; sandpaper or wood-polishing machinery; wood turning or boring machinery.


Picker machines or machines used in picking wool, cotton, hair, or other material; carding machines; leather-burnishing machines; laundry machinery.


Printing-presses of all kinds; boring or drill presses; stamping machines used in sheet-metal and tinware, in paper and leather manufacturing, or in washer and nut factories; metal or paper-cutting machines; paper-lace machines.


Corner-staying machines in paper-box factories; corrugating rolls, such as are used in corrugated paper, roofing or washboard factories.


Dough brakes or cracker machinery of any description.


Wire or iron straightening or drawing machinery; rolling-mill machinery; power punches or shears; washing, grinding or mixing machinery; calendar rolls in paper and rubber manufacturing; steam-boilers; in proximity to any hazardous or unguarded belts, machinery or gearing.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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