CA Lab Code Section 127

The administrative director may do all of the following:


Charge and collect fees for copies of papers and records, for certified copies of official documents and orders or of the evidence taken or proceedings had, for transcripts of testimony, and for inspection of case files not stored in the place where the inspection is requested. The administrative director shall fix those fees in an amount sufficient to recover the actual costs of furnishing the services. No fees for inspection of case files shall be charged to an injured employee or his or her representative.


Publish and distribute from time to time, in addition to the reports to the Governor, further reports and pamphlets covering the operations, proceedings, and matters relative to the work of the division.


Prepare, publish, and distribute an office manual, for which a reasonable fee may be charged, and to which additions, deletions, amendments, and other changes from time to time may be adopted, published, and distributed, for which a reasonable fee may be charged for the revision, or for which a reasonable fee may be fixed on an annual subscription basis.


Fix and collect reasonable charges for publications issued.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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