CA Ins Code Section 788.5

No insurer, broker, agent, or other person shall cause an insured aged 65 years or older to replace a disability insurance policy or certificate unnecessarily.


No insurer, broker, agent, or other entity within the jurisdiction of the department shall promote or cause overloading of disability coverage to persons aged 65 years or older. For purposes of this section, “overloading” means possession by an insured of functionally identical coverages that overlap or duplicate benefits to the extent that a reasonable person would not consider their ownership to be cost-effective.


It shall be presumed that the sale of disability insurance that is the subject of this article, sold to a person aged 65 years or older, is overloading, as defined in subdivision (a), if the insured is already covered by Medicare Parts A and B as well as one Medicare supplement policy, certificate, or contract and coverage for excess charges under Part B.


The application for disability insurance for a person age 65 years or older shall contain a question or questions designed to elicit information regarding all other existing health and disability coverage in force by type and company.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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