CA Ins Code Section 717

Before granting a certificate of authority or amended certificate of authority to any applicant, the commissioner shall consider the qualifications of said applicant in respect to the following subjects: (a) capital and surplus; (b) lawfulness and quality of investments; (c) financial stability; (d) reinsurance arrangements; (e) competency, character, and integrity of management; (f) ownership and control of issued and outstanding shares in the case of a capital stock insurer; (g) whether claims under policies are promptly and fairly adjusted and are promptly and fully paid in accordance with law and the terms of policies; (h) fairness and honesty of methods of doing business; (i) method by which said applicant was promoted if any of its promoters remain as stockholders or in management; and (j) hazard to policyholders or creditors.
Upon consideration of all relevant qualifications the commissioner shall issue a certificate of authority to such applicant, unless the commissioner shall have made a finding, or findings, that the applicant is materially deficient in respect to one or more of the items as outlined in (a) through (j), above.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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