CA Ins Code Section 679.7


Upon receiving a written request from an insured or the agent or broker of record where authorized by the insured, an insurer shall provide a premium and loss history report to the requesting party for the account’s tenure or the three-year period ending with the inception of the current policy period, whichever is shorter, plus loss experience during the current policy period that is in force if any of the following occur:


The policy is canceled or nonrenewed.


The policyholder requests the information within 60 days prior to the renewal date of an existing policy.


The policyholder’s current insurer’s rating is downrated by a nationally recognized insurance rating service to a financial rating below secure or good or to a rating that would negatively impact the ability of the policyholder to conduct its business operations.


The policyholder’s current insurer is conserved by the department under Section 1011, or is ordered to cease writing business under Sections 1065.1 and 1065.2.
The premium and loss history report, and the loss experience information for the current policy period, shall be provided within 10 business days of receiving the request.


This section applies only to policies of commercial insurance that are subject to Sections 675.5 and 676.6, except for professional liability insurance.


This section shall not apply to a policyholder who, through automated or other means, is provided direct, ongoing access to claims information by the insurer.


For purposes of this section, a loss history report includes, but is not limited to, a list of individual claims detailed by date of claim and total incurred and paid losses.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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