CA Ins Code Section 1841

Every individual and organization licensee, and every applicant for such a license, under this chapter shall file with the commissioner in writing the true name of the individual or organization, and also all fictitious names under which he or she conducts or intends to conduct his or her business, and after licensing shall file with the commissioner any change in or discontinuance of those names. The commissioner may, in writing, disapprove the use of any true or fictitious name (other than the bona fide natural name of an individual) by any licensee on any ground set forth in Section 1724.5. A licensee may not use a true or fictitious name after being notified by the commissioner in writing that the use is contrary to this section. If the commissioner determines that there are facts in mitigation in connection with the continued use of the name, the commissioner may permit its use for a specified reasonable period of time if, in connection therewith, he or she imposes such conditions as will protect the public and achieve the purposes of this section. Any such permission, and any such conditions, shall be in writing.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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