CA Ins Code Section 1759

For purposes of this chapter, “administrator” means any person who collects any charge or premium from, or who adjusts or settles claims on, residents of this state in connection with life or health insurance coverage or annuities or coverage described in Section 740 other than any of the following:


An employer on behalf of its employees or the employees of one or more subsidiary or affiliated corporations of that employer.


A union on behalf of its members.


An insurance company which is either licensed in this state or acting as an insurer with respect to a policy lawfully issued and delivered by it in and pursuant to the laws of a state in which the insurer was authorized to do an insurance business or prepaid hospital or health care service plan (including their sales representatives licensed in this state when engaged in the performance of their duties).


A life or health agent or broker licensed in this state, whose activities are limited exclusively to the sale of insurance.


A creditor on behalf of its debtors with respect to insurance covering a debt between the creditor and its debtors.


A trust, its trustees, agents, and employees acting thereunder, established in conformity with 29 U.S.C. Sec. 186.


A trust exempt from taxation under Section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code, its trustees, and employees acting thereunder, or a custodian, its agents and employees acting pursuant to a custodian account which meets the requirements of Section 401(f) of the Internal Revenue Code.


A bank, credit union or other financial institution which is subject to supervision or examination by federal or state regulatory authorities.


A company which advances for and collects any premium or charge from its credit card holders who have authorized it to do so, provided the company does not adjust or settle claims.


A person who adjusts or settles claims in the normal course of his or her practice or employment as an attorney at law, and who does not collect any charge or premium in connection with life or health insurance coverage or annuities.


An adjuster licensed by the Insurance Commissioner when engaged in the performance of his or her duties.


A nonprofit agricultural association.


Any person or entity subject to regulation under Chapter 2.2 (commencing with Section 1340) of Division 2 of the Health and Safety Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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