CA Ins Code Section 1620.3

No unauthorized foreign or alien insurer shall make, issue, circulate or cause to be made, issued or circulated to residents of this State any estimate, illustration, circular, pamphlet, or letter, or cause to be made in any newspaper, magazine or other publication or over any radio or television station, any announcement or statement to such residents misrepresenting its financial condition or the terms of any contracts issued or to be issued or the benefits or advantages promised thereby, or the dividends or share of the surplus to be received thereon in violation of the Unfair Trade Practice Act, and whenever the commissioner shall have reason to believe that any such insurer is engaging in unlawful advertising, it shall be his duty to give notice of such fact by registered mail to the insurer and to the insurance supervisory official of the domiciliary state of the insurer. For the purpose of this section, the domiciliary state of an alien insurer shall be deemed to be the state of entry or the state of the principal office in the United States.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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