CA Ins Code Section 1232


Policies issued on or after the effective date of this article shall provide for policy loan interest rates at either of the following rates:


A provision permitting a maximum interest rate of not more than 8 percent per annum.


A provision permitting an adjustable maximum interest rate established from time to time by the life insurer as permitted by law.


The rate of interest charged on a policy loan made under paragraph (2) of subdivision (a) shall not exceed the higher of the following:


The published monthly average for the calendar month ending two months before the date on which the rate is determined.


The rate used to compute the cash surrender values under the policy during the applicable period plus 1 percent per annum.


Any insurer offering insurance policies with an adjustable policy loan interest rate shall establish a written pricing or dividend policy in order that the holders of the policies shall receive a benefit from any earnings of the insurer resulting from the use of the adjustable rate, either by means of higher dividends or lower premiums or a combination of both.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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