CA Ins Code Section 11759.1

A rating organization shall, no later than June 1 of each year, notify the Governor and the Legislature that a report containing an analysis of all losses and expenses for the prior year by all insurers who are members of the organization is available on request. The first report shall be due June 1, 1996. The report shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


An analysis of all medical costs identifying separately the amounts paid for medical treatment to hospitals and physicians, and the amounts paid for medical-legal expenses. The amounts paid for medical treatment to physicians shall also identify the amounts paid for each specialty authorized to provide medical services pursuant to Sections 3209.3, 3209.5, and 3209.8 of the Labor Code. The amounts paid for medical-legal evaluations shall also be subcategorized by specialty and shall identify average costs paid per claim.


An analysis of indemnity benefits paid for temporary disability, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, life pensions, death benefits, and funeral expenses. The permanent partial disability benefits also shall be reported according to the degree of impairment in the following categories: .25 to 24.75 percent, 25 to 69.75 percent, and 70 to 99.75 percent.


An analysis of amounts paid for vocational rehabilitation subcategorized by amounts paid for maintenance allowance, evaluation, education and training.


An analysis of expenses of insurers categorized by loss adjustment, acquisition, general expenses, profit, and taxes. Amounts spent for defense attorneys’ expense shall be separately identified.


An analysis of attorney’s fees paid to applicant attorneys.


An analysis of workers’ compensation costs by the type of injury or illness generally following the injury classification in the Annual Redesigned Occupational Safety and Health Statistical Program used by the Department of Industrial Relations in its annual report on California work injuries and illnesses.
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