CA Ins Code Section 11750.3

A rating organization may be organized pursuant to this article and maintained in this state for the following purposes:


To provide reliable statistics and rating information with respect to workers’ compensation insurance and employer’s liability insurance incidental thereto and written in connection therewith.


To collect and tabulate information and statistics for the purpose of developing pure premium rates to be submitted to the commissioner for issuance or approval.


To formulate rules and regulations in connection with pure premium rates and the administration of classifications and rating systems.


To inspect risks for classification or rate purposes and to furnish to the insurer and upon request of the employer and after notice to the insurer, to furnish to the employer full information concerning the rates applicable to the employer’s insurance.


To examine policies, daily reports, endorsements or other evidences of insurance for the purpose of ascertaining whether they comply with the provisions of law and to make reasonable rules governing their submission. A rating organization may develop loss data on behalf of its members to assist members in developing plans pursuant to subdivision (e) of Section 11735 and other loss sensitive plans.


Within one year after expiration of any workers’ compensation insurance policy, to initiate test audits of insured employer’s payrolls and insurer’s audits of those payrolls to check the accuracy and reliability thereof, and to examine all records relative thereto and premises of insured employers.


To exchange information and experience data with rating organizations, advisory organizations, and insurers in this and other states, with respect to ratemaking.


To become a member or subscriber of any lawfully authorized ratemaking or advisory organization whenever membership in the organization is necessary or helpful to the rating organization.


To perform all acts necessary, incidental, or convenient to carry out the foregoing purposes or the provisions of this chapter relating to rating organizations.
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