CA Ins Code Section 1063.14


The plan of operation adopted pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 1063 shall contain provisions whereby each member insurer is required to recoup over a reasonable length of time a sum reasonably calculated to recoup the assessments paid by the member insurer under this article by way of a surcharge on premiums charged for insurance policies to which this article applies. Amounts recouped shall not be considered premiums for any other purpose, including the computation of gross premium tax or agents’ commission.


The amount of any surcharge shall be separately stated on either a billing or policy declaration sent to an insured. The association shall determine the rate of the surcharge and the collection period for each category and these shall be mandatory for all member insurers of the association who write business in those categories. Member insurers who collect surcharges in excess of premiums paid pursuant to Section 1063.5 for an insolvent insurer shall remit the excess to the association as an additional premium within 30 days after the association has determined the amount of the excess recoupment and given notice to the member of that amount. The excess shall be applied to reduce future premium charges in the appropriate category.


The plan of operation may permit a member insurer to omit collection of the surcharge from its insureds when the expense of collecting the surcharge would exceed the amount of the surcharge. However, nothing in this section shall relieve the member insurer of its obligation to recoup the amount of surcharge otherwise collectible.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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