CA Ins Code Section 10222

Life insurance conforming to all the following conditions is one form of blanket life insurance:


Written under a policy issued to a newspaper, farm paper, magazine, or other periodical publication;


Insuring independent contractors, such as newspaperboys, dealers, distributors, wholesalers, or other personnel, engaged in the sale, distribution, collecting for, or other activities pertaining to the marketing and delivery of publications referred to in subdivision (a), including attending coaching school or while participating in a trip organized, supervised, and sponsored as a reward for meritorious service, for amounts of insurance based upon a plan precluding individual selection;


For the benefit of persons other than the policyholder;


Where the premium is remitted by the policyholder;


Insuring persons without any requirement for individual enrollment and without individual commitment or undertaking to pay, and with either the policyholder or the insured to pay all the premium or part of the premium as a condition precedent to coverage. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the cost of the insurance coverage being borne by the individuals insured or by their parents or guardians. When the premium for the insurance is paid by the person insured, he may, upon request, obtain from the insurer in certificate form a copy of the policy. Coverage shall not be provided to any person who files with the entity to whom the blanket policy is to be issued, for delivery to the insurer, a written statement requesting that he not be covered. In the case of a minor, such statement may be filed by his parent or guardian. If the number of persons filing such statements exceeds ten percent (10%) of the number of persons within categories defined as covered under the policy, it shall not be put into effect, and if in effect shall not be renewed.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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