CA Ins Code Section 102

Fire insurance includes:


Insurance against loss by fire, lightning, windstorm, tornado, or earthquake.


Insurance against loss of, or destruction of, or damage to, any of the following property, when such insurance includes loss thereof by fire and excludes coverage of property while in the custody of, or possession of, or being transported by, any carrier for hire or in the mail:
1.Accounts, books, maps, manuscripts, indexes and other valuable papers, documents and records incidental to the business or profession or activity in which the insured is engaged, resulting from any cause, but excluding any article constituting stock in trade or used as a sample or sold or held for sale.
2.Moneys, stamps, coins, bullion, securities, notes, drafts, acceptances or instruments of like kind or character, resulting from any cause, except:




Any dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act of any officer, employee, partner, director, trustee or authorized representative of the insured.


Insurance by means of an all-risk policy of the type commonly known as the “Personal Property Floater” against any and all kinds of loss of or damage to, or loss of use of, any personal property other than merchandise.
The provisions of Section 2070 shall not apply to insurance written pursuant to subdivisions (b) or (c).
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