CA Ins Code Section 10089.8


The authority shall operate pursuant to a written plan of operations. The panel shall submit a plan to the board for approval. If it approves the plan, the board shall submit the plan to the commissioner for his or her approval. On receiving the commissioner’s approval, the board shall formally adopt the plan and submit the plan to the Legislature. Upon commencement of the issuance of insurance policies by the authority, any subsequent amendments to the plan of operation shall be approved by the board and the commissioner.


If at any time the commissioner disapproves the submitted plan or any plan amendments adopted by the board, the board may within 15 days submit changes in the plan to the commissioner. If the commissioner disapproves the plan or the changes in the plan, or if the board fails to submit a plan or to make and submit the requested changes, the commissioner may require the board to adopt that plan or those changes directed by the commissioner.


The plan of operations shall establish in detail the policies and procedures of the authority, including, but not limited to, financial operations of the authority, claims procedures, methods of premium collection, procedures consistent with constitutional, statutory, and common law requirements for resolving grievances of applicants or policyholders who are dissatisfied with application handling or adverse claims decisions, whether by the authority or by a participating insurer, assessment procedures, a plan for resolution of assessment disputes between the authority and insureds, grievances between the authority and participating insurers, participating insurer fees and expenses, reasonable underwriting standards, and producer compensation.


The plan of operations shall include provisions that establish a mechanism for policyholders to make installment payments of the annual premium paid for coverage by the authority. The authority shall make the installment payment option available to all policyholders who elect to purchase coverage from the authority. The authority may charge a nominal fee to policyholders who opt to make installment payments. The fees, in the aggregate, shall cover the full costs of administering the installment payment option incurred by the authority and the participating insurer but shall not include any interest or finance charge. The authority shall not require a participating insurer, in the case of a policyholder who opts to make installment payments as provided in this subdivision, to remit any portion of the annual premium to the authority before that amount of the annual premium is collected by the participating insurer. The authority shall consult with participating insurers in establishing or amending the provisions of the plan of operations that govern the installment payment option.
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