CA Ins Code Section 10089.28


All policies of residential earthquake insurance provided by the authority shall be written by the authority. Authority policies shall be marketed and policyholders serviced by the participating insurer that writes the underlying policy of residential property insurance, and participating insurers shall be reasonably compensated for the claims and policyholder services they provide on behalf of the authority. Authority services may be performed on behalf of the authority in any reasonable manner by the participating insurer that is in compliance with statutory, regulatory, and case law regarding claims handling practices; provided, however, where the authority has promulgated specific procedures to govern its operations, the participating insurer shall conform its practices to those procedures. The authority procedures shall comply with statutory, regulatory, and case law governing claims handling practices. Nothing in this provision shall be deemed or construed to affect any duty or liability of the authority or participating carrier as set forth in paragraphs (2) and (3) of subdivision (e) of Section 10089.7.


Concurrent with the issuance or renewal by the authority of a residential earthquake insurance policy, the following disclosure shall be provided to the insured in 14-point boldface type:
“California Earthquake Authority Policy Disclosure
You have purchased a California Earthquake Authority (CEA) earthquake insurance policy, which can help you cover the cost of repairing damage to your property and possessions caused by an earthquake.
The CEA is not part of your homeowners’ insurance company.
Please keep in mind these important things about your CEA insurance policy:
1. CEA policy coverages are different from the coverages provided in your homeowners’ insurance policy. For example, this policy does not cover earthquake damage to swimming pools, and it may provide more limited coverage for chimneys, outbuildings, and masonry fences. These are examples of possible differences between your CEA policy and your homeowners’ policy, and you should consult your CEA policy to understand the types of losses that are limited or excluded and those that are covered.
2. If CEA’s liability for earthquake losses exceeds the CEA’s available resources the CEA may reduce its payment to you or pay you in installments. This policy is not covered by the California Insurance Guarantee Association, and therefore, the California Insurance Guarantee Association will not pay your claims if the CEA becomes insolvent and is unable to make payments as promised.
3. In certain cases, your CEA policy premium may be subject to future surcharges if the CEA’s obligations to pay earthquake losses rise to a predefined level. In that case, in addition to your annual premium you may be charged up to an additional 20% of that premium.”


The authority shall provide to participating insurers appropriate applications and forms and shall maintain records of all policies written, moneys received, and claims paid.


The duty of an agent or broker to investigate the financial condition of the authority before placement of insurance shall be the same as the duty of an agent or broker to investigate the financial condition of an admitted insurer before placement of a policy of insurance.


This section shall become operative on January 1, 2016.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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