CA Health & Safety Code Section 8277

Every contract of a cemetery authority, including contracts executed in behalf thereof by a cemetery broker or salesperson, which provides for the sale by the cemetery authority of an interment plot or any service or merchandise, shall be in writing and shall contain all of the agreements of the parties. The contract shall include and disclose the following:


The total contract price.


Terms of payment, including any promissory notes or other evidences of indebtedness.


An itemized statement of charges including, as applicable, the following:


Charges for an interment plot.


Charges for performing burial, entombment, or inurnment.


Charges for a monument or marker.


Charges for any services to be rendered in connection with any religious or other observance at the site of interment or in any facility maintained by the cemetery.


Amounts to be deposited in any endowment care or special care fund.


Charges for any insurance to be provided in connection with the contract.


Any other charges, which shall be particularized.


Space and location sold.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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